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But who is she?

The Giddy Kipper! Charlotte is a enthusiastic, passionate and intuitive performer, theatre maker, director and puppet maker! Beginning her freelance career in 2017, she has taken many roles within her time. From Performer, Puppet-Maker, producer and clown she has a deep love for story telling, folklore and comedy. Her infectious passion and focus donned her the title of 'Giddy Kipper' from her Nanny!

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Giddy Kipper represents a freelance Theatre Maker that strives to create shows, experiences and theatre for those who feel 'theatre really isn't for me'. Taking theatre outside of the conventional theatre space; often stigmatised by working-class audiences in feeling like they don't belong there. I bring theatre to the audience and invite them to join in.

With comedy, clowning and story-telling at the heart of my work, I want to explore local and national stories. With emphasis into folklore, myth and the fantastical I hope to bring new breath to old stories.

Driven by curiosity, imagination and comedy you'll, have to look out when the Giddy Kipper is about!


My mission is to create theatre for those who think 'Theatre isn't really for me'. Growing from a working class background in the suburbs of Leicester, I push to break down the walls of socio-economic class, accessibility, age, gender and race that surround traditional theatre. 

I will achieve this mission by:

- Creating theatre in unconventional environments, bringing theatre to the people.

- Exploring, learning and telling stories that reflect audiences lives and experiences. Whether that be local or national

- Developing work with audience engagement, allowing the audience to be a part of the creative process. 

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