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Campfire Critters

As the sun begins to set and the air gets a chill, gather around the crackling fire for the Campfire Critters. Join Otter, Newt, Dormouse and Red Kite as they share their stories of happiness, silliness, woe and Triumph!


Based around some of the UK’s endangered species, Campfire Critters softly introduces audiences to the animals in their backyard. The stories based around morals, personal growth and animal ecology it is a seamless blend of storytelling and education about our wilder neighbours.


Perfect for all the family to enjoy these stories can be enjoyed by all ages with each story lasting between 10-15 minutes.

There are three ways that you can enjoy Campfire Critters;

  • The first, each story spaced out in your program for short bursts of storytelling magic.

  • The second, all of the stories at once, having a large story session to enjoy

  • The third, more intimate one-to-one sessions for families to enjoy together.


Whichever the way, audiences are guaranteed to enjoy the magic of Campfire Critters.

Want the Campfire Critters at your event? Contact us here

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