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Madame Molotov

Suspend your disbelief, open you’re third eye and gaze into the future with the mystical, memorable and mischievous Madame Molotov! She is here to help those in need, take a seat and have your tarot cards read and find out the secrets they hold. Glamorously Grotesque in every way no subject is too taboo for this sultry seer.


A one-woman puppet show, come and enjoy an intimate performance with a genuine tarot card reading. Mixing the mystical with the hysterical Molotov’s silver tongue and love for vodka will be sure to have you in fits of laughter. Madame Molotov is the perfect addition to a Cabaret night, event, party or for those wanting to add a bit of the unknown to their festival!


The performer being a genuine tarot card reader, training under a wonderful witch who had been reading for 45 years, we hope that audiences will enjoy their cards being read.  Previous performances at the opening of ‘Upstairs at the Western’ in Leicester, she greeted and treated guests to a glimpse of the future.  

Key Information

  • One-woman puppet show.

  • One-to-one interaction.

  • Genuine tarot card reading!

  • 1.5x1.5 metre space needed.

  • Indoor performance

  • Perfect to accent any event.

Come and meet Molotov

Tour Dates:


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Madame Molotov was captivating. A really brilliant way to have your cards read, she was funny but the reading was serious and felt respectful. Charlotte is a great performer, generous and funny. I'd recommend Madame Molotov as something different for your event. The reading was spot on too! 

Upstairs at the Western

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