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Clowning around to finish the year!

I spent two fantastic days under the mentor of Peta Lily learning the art of dark clowning, my cheeks hurt form laughing!

Whats with the makeup!?

Gorgeous isn't it? I spent the second day donning this wonderful makeup thanks to Sioda and some initial ideas/pictures for her new project. We spent the morning before class taping plastic bags to our bodies. Having no makeup on us apart form one eyeliner, I used my travel watercolour set to improvise some blusher and lipstick!

It was outrageously good fun coming back to working on my practise after some time off due to a bereavement and it was great to belly laugh again. It was the second time that I had worked with Peta, the first time only being one day I found it hard to get my head around Dark Clown but I finally found my groove. Stretching my red clown muscles with tasks and improvisations it was lovely to get back into that space again and really let go, one exercise saw me jabbering for about 10 minutes about kangaroos, Aldi and the M25 in a terrible Australian accent.

At the end of the last day, I spoke one-on-one to Peta and she gave me some great advice to keep progressing my practise and red nose clown work. She said she 'admired my cheekiness and wit' which still gives me a lovely warm feeling in my belly (Thank you Peta!) Next year I'm looking forward to sinking my teeth into more clown training and theory, so watch this space!

Please check put Peta's website, she fantastic!


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