Lovely Lockdown....Can you sense the sarcasm?

I haven't updated my blog in a while because as we all know, 2020 has been one hell of a whirlwind! First I'd like to apologise (I know I don't have many followers) For the lack of content I'm uploading to this website! I thought I'd fill ya'll in on whats been happening... So, Corona. What a doozy it has done for the theatre industry, big theatres closing up for months and months (Some even until 2021!) Theatre companies going into redundancy talks and Arts Council & GOV helping out were they can with their emergency funds and SIESS. I'm thankful that people within the Art's community have been able to get financial help during this crisis and try and keep their practise and lively hood alive! Due to my current situation I was unable to apply for either of these funds as I wasn't eligible (It's all very complicated) but I've been able to get by on my work with Enter Edem, simulated patient work and now a new part time job at a local pub... My studio that I inhabited last July with plans of creating puppets in my own independent space has now unfortunately gone, with all my materials and puppets wrapped up in my Nanny's garage. It was pretty heartbreaking to loose my little studio, making me feel as if I have taken a few steps back in my career but coming out of this I hope to either gain another working space or hopefully get on some sort of property ladder and have a duel living/working space (though that is VERY wishful thinking with the state of the housing market at the minute). The majority of the work that I had planned in for this year has either been cancelled or postponed, my successful commission with the Nottingham Puppetry festival to create a show postponed till 2021; fingers crossed this all goes well! With all of this free time I've tried to stay as creative as possible, creating the short film 'Feeders' for Drink's and Jam's prompt night (Check it out here > was a nice flex on the ol' creative muscles. I've also got a film coming out as part of the Bristol Puppetry Festival Film Festival this Sunday which I'll then upload onto here once it has premiered, so keep your eyes peeled. All and all, I'm okay, well and still kicking about. The theatre industry is struggling and I've had a few career loses but nether-the-less in the great words of Seasick Steve 'I'll keep on keeping on!' I'll try and keep this blog updated more frequently! Thanks for reading,

Stay safe, Keep Smiling


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