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My Biggest Puppet Yet!

Met Bo, short for Bovine...a magical snow beast that lives at the top of a glacier!

Photo Credit to Enter Edem

Bo was created for the wonderful 'Fafunia Snowy Stories', she went out to meet audiences at The Hub in Litchfield, Attenborough Arts Centre in Leicester and Little Jungle Nursery in Peckham. She enjoyed every minute, she got enough snuggles and head rubs for a life time.

I thought it would be nice to show you a break down of the process and materials that I used for this puppet!

The majority of the materials that I used were foam, wood and recycled fabrics. I used basic sculpting skills and used references from Bison, Goats and Rams to create the beast. Being an amalgamation of the three animals the head shape was based of the bison, the furry body the Ram and the horns just kind of did their own thing!

Here is a shot of the sculpt:

Hot glue was used to fuse the pieces of foam together, a wooden rod was used as a handle to control the head movements and the horns were secured by places two small dowel rods. Using foam for the majority of the sculpt, kids are able to head-butt, press and pull on the puppet with minimal damage done to them and Bo (though we did get a jam stain at one point).

Once I had gotten the base shapes how I liked them, I moved onto the fuuurrrrr. Using a Onsie donated to me by my Nanny, a blue felted coat from my recycled fabric box and old blue Felt. I managed to create a lovely big plume on the front of her face, which kids were overjoyed at when they realised they could move it out of the way to see her full face.

She was great fun to make and a challenge neither the less. She is now with me at the Coop, slumbering away after a long winter season. thank you too everyone that came to say "hello" to Bo, she did love the snuggles.


If you're interested in learning more about what Giddy Kipper has to offer, check out our Puppetry Page. If you interested in meeting Bo, contact

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