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The Little Witch goes on an adventure!

Back in 2019, myself and my little companion totted down to Cornwall in the search for magic!

This tiny little puppet who fit very nicely into the front pocket of my dungaree's joined me as I explored the sandy beaches and crabbing pots of Bude, Boscastle and Tintagel. Boscastle being home to the Witches Museum unfortunately we were out of season so it was all shut up for the winter but that didn't stop us from indulging into the magic of the Cornish landscape. The fresh spring water that fell from the cliff face to the roaring November sea clashing against the rocks really bring an awareness to the magic of nature.

Made form used packaging foam, recycled fabrics, hot glue and hair pins (Yes to operate her head and body) she is my smallest puppet to date and I must say I do like these little magical creatures! I try to create my personal puppets from recycled materials as it doesn't brake the banks and it's better for the environment.

Cornwall has always been a big part of my life, with one side of my family originally living there, every holiday was a car packed full with bodyboards, wet suits and a flask of tomato soup as we head off on our 4+ hour journey to the best place in the world!

So if you see a green haired woman with a Witch in her pocket, don't be alarmed. She's harmless and wont cause any frustration's. She's just indulging in bring two of her loves together of Puppets and exploration!

Thanks for reading! Charlotte

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