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Taking my first steps!

My first website, my first first steps into my own identity, 'tis a little bit scary!

Welcome to the world Giddy Kipper

So, what is a Giddy Kipper? Why did you chose that name? Is it some sort of foreign dish?

Firstly, A Giddy Kipper has two definitions, the first is someone that is overly excited and upbeat! The second meaning someone who embarrasses themselves in public by making themselves the fool...Very fitting I must say.

Secondly, I chose the name Giddy Kipper as it was bestowed upon by my lovely Nanny and late Grandpa. Whenever I would pop round to their house for a cup of tea and a catch up they'd always say "You're so busy, you're what we would call a Giddy Kipper". The name just stuck and funnily enough before my Grandpa passed I showed him this website and both of them laughed at the name, realising that it was honouring them, heres to you Grandpa! And lastly, no, it is not an exotic dish from the Mediterranean. It's not a breed of small fish and is definitely isn't anything fancy like that! Just a saying passed down from family member to family member and now I wear the title.

All fair and good but what are you all about?

I'm a Leicester based artist, staring up and creating my own identify in the hopes to create shows, experiences and collaborations! Growing up from a working-class family in Leicester, I was encouraged from a young age to follow what made me happy. Now being all grown up with a degree, training and some experience under my belt I thought it would be best to start paving my own path into the world of theatre.

I'll try and update my blog with puppet builds, performances and training so you can keep up to date with my progress. The website might switch and change about as I grow and find out what I want from it so please bare with me, but in the mean time, have a look around, comment and share to those who might be interested. Charlotte

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